Friday, January 11, 2008

displaying the jewels

i saw a spread in a recent blueprint (or it might have been domino...i can never keep those two straight) magazine where they used a branch of sand blasted manzanita as a jewery display.

since i have some left over from the wedding, i figured i would give it a go.

i'm not 100% convinced i like it...and it isn't as functional as i thought it would be since i have a lot more stud earrings than dangles, but for now it is on display on my dresser in the bedroom.


Angel said...

Might be great for a guest room.

mzb said...

it is growing on me. i actually have used more jewelry in the past three days than in the past year (my wedding not included)

Angel said...

I think it helps when it's more visible like this is. My 'jewelry box' right now is a shadow box with a magnetic opening front. It's easy, and I don't have to go digging around.