Thursday, January 3, 2008

i clearly lost my mind...

on Sunday, we headed out to hollister, ca to go skydiving. davis' cousin turned 21 on monday (he turned 34). when he was 21, he promised her they could do anything she wanted for her 21st birthday. she could have gone with him anywhere in the country, but she chose to have us all come to visit them in sunnyvale, ca.

since she has always said she wanted to go skydiving, he set up the date and surprised her with the trip. unfortunately, he chickened out. fortunately, his wife is super, super she went.

it was an absolute blast and i am so glad i did it. But i will be honest; i never need to do it again :)

hope you enjoy the video...i will post some still pics as soon as i have them back.


Kara said...

While I applaud your bravery, I echo your sentiment: you're nuts. ;-) Congrats on your first "flight" woman!

mzb said...

Heh...this was actually my 2nd flight :) i went static-line jumping in college. But that was only 3,000 feet.

I will admit...I was filled with pride when the instructor told me he thought that static line was psychologically the harder jump to make :)