Thursday, January 24, 2008

mmmm...chocolate biscotti

we're having a meet-the-neighbors party on sunday so today i made chocolate biscotti to use in the chocolate fondue we will be making. other fondue dipping items will include fruit and pound cake.

this was exciting as it was the first time i was using my new mixer that we purchased with some of our wedding funds.

i was supposed to make two rolls, two inches in diameter, which wasn't easy since they kept 'growing' on me while i was handling them.

after baking for 35 min (or 50, if your oven is on the fritz like ours), you cut them and then put them back in the oven to toast.

the finished result...they smell yummy and for the most part, they actually look like biscotti :)


Angel said...

Don't you love KitchenAid mixers? This looks great, and that last photo looks like it's straight from the Food Network.

What kind of chocolate fondue recipe did you use? I have one that calls for heavy cream, a Toblerone bar, and some Grand Marnier.

limoncelloSTYLE said...

the food network would be proud...i got the recipe from somewhere on their site!

the recipe called for flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, eggs, eggwhites, vanilla, toasted almonds and chocolate chips.

but i am all for adding cream and/or liquor!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your pound cake?
ive been on the search for good pound cake, but havent come across one...

limoncelloSTYLE said...

tseug - i am assuming you are referring to the pound cake that i served with the biscotti at our party. If that is the case, i just used Sara Lee. i am sure i could have found a recipe for one and made it but i just didn't feel like it. i usually try to make one thing from scratch for each course and leave the rest to the supermarket professionals :)