Wednesday, February 6, 2008

in memoriam

a close friend of mine, who was the matron-of-honor in my wedding, asked me to help create a memorial card for a close friend of hers who's father passed away unexpectedly last year.

she wanted to send a card, but she wanted it to be something a bit more than 'just a card'; something that would show she was thinking of her friend and her friend's family.

when i started LimoncelloSTYLE, it never occurred to me that my services could be used for anything other than the items surrounding social events; which tend to fall more towards the upbeat end of the emotional scale.

i was honored that i was asked to help with something that was so personal and meaningful and i found it a humble reminder of the importance of using our gifts.

the picture on the card is a satellite image of the family's farm that i altered in photoshop.


Geggie said...

Beautiful. The family will love it.

Kara said...

Beautifully perfect, M.

Christin said...

Hi Mariam,
I just got the email with your website and thought I would check it all out! Looks so good! I hope you are enjoying your new "job". How fun! I am jealous! The skydiving stuff is great! Ryan and I are going to go this summer! Say hi to Davis for me. It was great to see you guys this past New Years. And this comment turned into a little letter haha.
- Christin