Friday, February 1, 2008

i <3 valentines

i just received my valentine from miss penguin over at weddingbee as part of their valentine card swap. it is so lovely i just had to share.

i am pretty sure the box and the card were gocco'd, which just makes me covet one even more! underneath the quilled paper hearts (which all have valentines messages) are necco candy hearts.

-- pay no mind to the fact that all of my pink necco hearts are mysteriously missing : ^ ) --

what is your favorite candy heart color?


Kara said...

So pretty! I heart the white ones and pink ones equally.

ps - I like the new header: LimoncelloWrites. Nice touch. :-)

Angel said...

Oh man, this is going to blow mine out of the water. What do the curled paper hearts say?

My favorite is white.

limoncelloSTYLE said...

they say things like: 'i don't understand why cupid was chosen to represent valentine's day. when i think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.'


'love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness'


'love is like friendship set on fire'

etc. etc.

Angel said...

Oh that it awesome! I'm retelling the short, chubby toddler one.

SRH said...

I like the white ones the best --I threw out a box of them today after I ate the one (ONE!?) white one that was in it.

My favorite story about Valentine's candy though is of a friend who had a bunch of people's christmas candy jars on her desk (a present from the company that they hadn't picked up yet). They were filled with christmas colored hershey kisses.

She started eating out of them when they hadn't been picked up by jan. Realizing that she would have to hide her tracks, she ran out to buy more kisses. The stores were all out of christmas colors. "but," she told me so matter of factly, "when you eat all the pink ones, the valentine's mix works just fine in the christmas jar (as long as you haven't eaten too many of the green wrapped ones)" I just loved that the obvious solution was eating more kisses :).