Wednesday, February 27, 2008

newest addition to the portfolio

i have had my nose to the paper, so to speak, for the past couple of weeks working with a bride who is having a nature inspired ceremony in august in an open chapel on the top of a mountain in the woods.

the ceremony sounds so beautiful and we decided that the beauty of the space will clearly speak for itself, so the best we could do was highlight that beauty in her invitations.

we are still working on the design for the invites, but here is the final save-the-date. i think it turned out just lovely.

the text is digitally printed on cream cardstock that is smooth as butter. this is mounted on a dark gold metallic cardstock. finally, i stamped two skeleton leaves in the corner using a deep gold metallic ink. the envelopes match the cream cardstock.


Kara said...

Perfectly lovely! You know, when we finally get around to having kids, remind me that on Feb. 27, 2008 I officially asked to reserve your talents for our birth announcements. :-)

Geggie said...

So beautiful! So simple. Perfection.

waisze said...

These are so pretty, good job!

Geggie said...

ok...wait...margaret and mitch??? It was driving me crazy...those names? They sounded so familiar. Do I know them? Coincidence? Crazy? No...The Parent Trap!

Cleary, not the real names, are they?

limoncelloSTYLE said...

wow, you're good!! while the circumstances surrounding the event are true, the names, date and location have been changed out of concern for the privacy of the couple. i have always thought that using movie-couple names would be a good bet, since they tend to be realistic and not so recognizable that they detract from the design. i figured mitch and margaret from the parent trap were the perfect choice considering the natural locale of the wedding.

Nan said...

I think you are doing such beautiful things! This is lovely.
I can't call you Girl anymore for you have surely blossomed into so much more. Congratulations on finding your niche.


Evelyn said...

These are even more fantastic in person! Thank you sooo much! I'm excited to even have them featured on the blog!