Saturday, February 16, 2008

sitting in saratoga springs

DH is a graduate of skidmore college in saratoga springs, ny. a few times a year, he travels out to the college for some meetings and i usually join him so i can sit in my favorite coffee shop and do work.

the first time i was here, a few years ago, it was a snowy, cozy day. the shop was smaller then; busting from its seams with college students, parents with rosy cheeked toddlers and townies; all sidling up to the bar for steaming cups of lattes, hot chocolates and the occasional bagel. at the extreme risk of over-romanticizing, it felt like the air was spiked with an intoxicating combination of comfort and possibility that morning.

since my last visit, the place has been renovated and they have taken over the space next door. the extra room was needed but i can't help but feel a little less enchanted.

oh well, at least in the new space there are outlets at every table.


if you are in or near saratoga springs today, i will be in the back corner of UncommonGrounds working until 3:00.

enjoy your saturday.


Kara said...

Mmmm...I love cozy coffee shops. Our favorite one in the entire world is on the Pacific Coast Highway up in Laguna Beach. It's called Koffee Klatch (yes, the English major in me got over the spelling), and they have the yummiest chai tea. It's literally a hole in the wall, with just enough space for about 11 people comfortably. You can walk across the 101 and enjoy your warm treat on the beach, but I enjoy the smells and sounds inside the Klatch. Have a great Saturday! :-)

natalie said...

That sounds like a great way to spend the day! My favorite cozy coffee shop is Kaldi's in St. Louis (close to where I went to college). I shouldn't have even brought it up because now I am craving their Highlander Grogg blend... MMMM! They also recently did some "high tech" renovations which bummed me out.

pastor to be said...

I wish I had seen your post one day earlier. I live in Saratoga Spring and UG is my favorite coffee shop in the world. Although I guess I am a little bias. I hope you enjoyed your day!