Sunday, March 30, 2008

weekend projects

DH and i have been keeping ourselves busy lately doing some projects around our house.

last weekend we replaced the light in our stove room with a hanging pendant.

don't be fooled by how serenely this is hanging...this took hours to install. part of living in an 103 year old house is discovering each and every issue that all the homeowners before you have left. in this case, the existing light was only hanging on by a wire...literally! so we had to cut into the ceiling, find the studs, create a light box to hang light hardware from and then install the light.

in the end, it was worth it, as now we have a much more functional, not to mention safer, light in an area that badly needed it.

also last weekend, we started our tomato and basil seeds. here is a pic of our tomato seeds keeping warm on the top of our fridge.

the basil seeds have already germinated, so we transferred them to DH's work table in the basement and rigged a light so they can continue to grow.

our tulips that we planted last fall are starting to come up.

all over the garden, there are spots of green starting to show: day lilies, chives, mint, crocuses and various tulips.

the big project for this weekend was to take down the h-u-g-e forsythia/honeysuckle bush that was overtaking our deck. we are replacing the deck sometime in the near future, but i wanted to get rid of this monstrosity before it started to bloom and wreak havoc on my sinuses!

we both worked on cutting the bush away from the railings and the side of the deck, and then DH was able to push it away like it was a huge, floating piece of tumbleweed.

the resulting pile was bigger than our car!

thankfully, after a visit from 'baggy' the lawn waste man, we were able to clean up the yard.

one hour and six lawn bags later...

we have an allergy-free deck!


Kai said...

OMG signs of Spring!! Hurrah! Now if only the weather would cooperate...

Evelyn said...

Ha, ain't life in the SOUTH just grand? My forsythia bloomed three weeks ago! And allergies are terrible right now! Lucky you to get to head it off!
Even though I hate all the sneezing, I'm so glad to put on my shorts and flip-flops and enjoy SPRING!

limoncelloSTYLE said...

well, i am not convinced that spring will ever arrive here as it was such a raw day yesterday. it has a nasty habit of showing up late and then scooting out the door to make way for summer.


Kara said...

Spring, what's that? In San Diego, it's 74 and sunny year-round. :-)

When people back East ask me if I miss the seasons because I live in San Diego, I always reply:

"I love the seasons - I just choose to live in a place that skips all the crappy ones." ;-)


SRH said...

It's been almost a month since you've updated!! Some of us have NO LIFE WHATSOEVER (I am not naming names or anything) and are desperate for you to update your blog!!!