Wednesday, April 23, 2008


i haven't been blogging much lately since we were away in denver and then had visitors at our home. amid all of the hustle and bustle, i have been working on a map for a client who is looking to have a directions sheet to easily email and/or hand out to guests coming to their home in oregon*.

i really like making maps, and eventually, when i get the IT department** here at limoncelloSTYLE to update my website, i plan on featuring a section specifically for my map-making services.

in the meantime, enjoy this sneak-peek at what i have been up to:

{click on the map to enlarge in a new window}

*lest you think i would actually post directions to someones home on a public blog, i should inform you that this is a completely fake map and all the identifying information has been changed

** by IT department, i mean: me. other hats i wear include, but are not limited to: sales team, marketing person, accountant, lawyer and woman-who-feeds-the-cat a.k.a. the boss


Geggie said...

Maps are tough, but this looks great!

Angel said...

I love my map...thank you! I think this would also be a great service for newlyweds who send out a at-home card letting people know their new married address.