Thursday, June 12, 2008

lesson learned

this past week my hard-drive failed. as you know, my laptop is not that old, so it was very discouraging to have this happen.

i have an external hard drive where i keep all of my files, so i was in a good position. but the hard drive can be a pain to lug around when i am working in different rooms in the house, so i also have an 'in limbo' file on my desktop where i keep things organised until i can get them onto the hard drive.

well, as is want to happen, i was procrastinating setting up the external hard drive so i hadn't backed up my 'in limbo' file for at least a month.

sadly, that meant that i lost almost everything that was near and dear to me that had been in that file.

thankfully, i am friends with some extraordinarily smart computer type people and with the help of two back-up hard drives, an iPod and a new hard drive, they were able to extract all of the information from my broken hard drive...including the 'in limbo' file, all of my emails, my internet favorites (which i use to keep track of ideas, inspiration and sources), and my financial files.

i was only off line for about a week, which is great considering what the alternative was!

this experience got me thinking about how sad it would be if this happened and the original hard drive was too damaged to retrieve anything off of. now THAT would have reallllly made me cry.

so lesson learned...i plan to back up my 'in limbo' file every night; i also discovered this will help you upload all of your 'favorites' to their system which will keep track of them on their server so should you ever be at another computer (or experience a hard drive failure) you can just access them from someplace else.

ok...i'm off my soapbox.

anyway, keep posted...i have been working with a delightful bride who lives in sweden and is getting married to a swedish boy in spain two weeks from today.

we have been working diligently to get all of her projects done in time to ship abroad. once the wedding has come and gone i will post all about the projects, but until then, you will just have to be satiated by this teaser pic...


Kara said...

Ooo! Pretty! :-) How'd you snag an international client? Good for you!

Pink Thumb said...

RYC: ahaha, yes cosmos gets a small daisy like flower at the end of it. It's mostly an annual but it self sows so it will grow back if kept undisturbed in the same place each year. I think for the most part, everything is safe to eat.

limoncelloSTYLE said...

i am not sure how she found me...i think it might have been through an ad on Weddingbee that was up a few months ago.

i can't wait to show off her gorgeous invitation suite!!