Friday, July 25, 2008

finally got the site updated

well, i finally got around to updating my website to have some portfolio pictures on it. i have been promising myself that i would do it so long that the actual application that i use has gone through 16 updates!!

now, when you go to the LimoncelloINVITES section of LimoncelloSTYLE you will see a group of thumbnails of some of my recent projects.

when you click on the thumbnail, it takes you to a page with thumbnails of all of the pictures in that specific project gallery.

and finally if you click on one of those thumbnails, it opens up viewer so you can see the full sized pictures.

it isn't the exact solution i wanted (i would much rather cut out the middle part and just go from the original thumbnail to the gallery) but at least it is up and running.

i also have a gallery in place for the baby announcement section.

in celebration, i am going to go eat some ice cream :) yay me!


Ellie said...

It looks awesome, M. Very clean and professional, and the pics load quickly. And the photos themselves are very well composed. Top marks, fo shizzle. (Like that? How I worked in some street with my Oxford highbrow? I'm so ironical...)

Kathryn said...

Beautiful designs. You are truly gifted.

limoncelloSTYLE said...

aw, thanks for biting my please-come-look-at-me lead :)

Miss Shortcake said...

fancy-schmancy! I love it!

Ellie said...

You're it! Taggity tag tagorama.