Friday, September 5, 2008

how i spent my summer vacation

i actually have done lots of things this summer...but the past couple of weeks have been glorious.

my sister and my nephew came for a visit and except for a short side trip, they were here almost a week. then DH and i headed to boothbay, maine for a mini-anniversary trip; even though our official anniversary isn't until this coming monday.

here are some highlight pics of the past couple of weeks...

on their first day in town, we headed to the beach and played in the water and on the playground for most of the morning. my sister shot this picture of my nephew and i walking back from eating yummy fried clam strips at the snack bar on our way to go play on the playground one last time:

a few days later, we got on the T boat and headed to the charlestown navy yard to check out the constitution:

later that night, we had lobst-ah, corn-on-the-cob from our CSA farm share and roasted potatoes:
the next day we spent time at the new england aquarium:

we had a day off to rest and then we headed to wood's hole, ma to catch the ferry to martha's vineyard:

my nephew LOVED the ocean and had a great time playing on the beach:

after they headed back to pennsylvania, DH and i headed to boothbay, maine. we spent a day golfing and then a day sightseeing. the beginning of the day was cold, damp and misty:

then, at exactly 3:00pm when we had our reservation to go on a tour with the schooner, eastwind, the sky completely cleared up:

it was an awesome end to the summer.

what did you do on your summer vacation?

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Kai said...

Sounds like a lovely summer! You guys were busy!!!

LOVE the photo of the boats.

My summer...traveled, worked and traveled some more! Should have spent more time at the beach though.