Thursday, September 4, 2008

still here, i promise

well, nothing like a meme to get me out of my summer haze and back into the swing of blogging.

ellie at The Lucky Nest tagged me to share with you six random things about myself. i'm not sure if it was because she thought six random things about me would actually be worth any entertainment value, but rather because she was bored and felt like torturing me. thank you, ellie.

without any further ado...

Random fact number one, numero uno, #1...number, number number ooooone:

  1. it was incredibly difficult to pinpoint six things that are random about me.
    trust me...this is not a cop-out. i actually am a pretty random person, but surveys like this always intimidate me so much i catch myself thinking that anything i say will become permanent much so that should i ever change my mind someone will show up at my front door and ask for my credentials for being a human being back. so instead, i choose my 'favorites' and my 'things-about-me' lists very, very carefully with a whole-lotta introspection and research. that said, once i DO define things like this, i tend to hold onto them forever. case in point, i have three favorite sounds that have been cemented in their status for over seven years. maybe someday i will tell you what they are.
  2. when ever i make pasta, i always have to eat one piece dry from the carton.
    i have no reason for this. it isn't like i am starving...i just do it. and it is random. so there.
  3. i have a belt around my left eyeball called a sclera-buckle.
    a few years ago i was in a wrestling tournament and my opponent threw me to the ground and the resulting head injury caused my retina to maybe my 'wrestling opponent' was really a patch of ice...but the rest of the story is true. even grosser...for the're awake. let's all let out a collective ewwwwwwwwwwwwww...
  4. i am currently listening to all 6,455 songs on my iPod in alphabetical order by song name.
    when i was in college, i did columbia house and bmg each about three times and ended up with a massive (albeit sucky) music collection. because they were all cd's, i never really listened to all of the songs and i felt that it was my duty to have listened to every song in my library at least once. so i figured the best way to keep track of where i was, should i get distracted or my iPod fizzle, was to do it in alphabetical order. currently, i am on track 3,250, so i am just over halfway done. i believe i started the 'project' sometime this past spring, but i can't seem to remember. oddly, it does produce a fairly good mix...I just finished listening to 'Louie, Louie' followed by a comedy track called 'Lousy in the Little League' which will then be followed up by 52 songs that start with the word 'Love'. whoopee.
  5. i fold my trash.
    its true. if i get a sandwich from a shop and it is wrapped in paper and then in a bag, i will neatly fold the bag into a little rectangle based on the original folding pattern and then neatly fold the paper that sandwich was wrapped in and use it as a plate. then when i am done, i neatly fold up my squished up napkin, fold it neatly with my other trash, put it in the folded bag and then make sure it is folded neatly. then i neatly place it in the trash...where it will likely go to a place where nothing else is folded or neat and it will feel superior to all the other trash.
  6. i have an odd attraction to little Chinese acrobats.
    my excuse is that i worked at disney with a bunch of Chinese acrobats who were in Orlando for two years because of the Mulan parade so i got to know them well and they all have an admirable work aesthetic blah, blah, blah. truth is, i just like to see them in tights. that's all i have to say about that.

so, there you go. six random things about me. dutifully researched and approved by my husband (in fact, he's the one that suggested #6). and i guess, apparently, i am supposed to tag 6 other people to do this...but i am pretty sure i am the last person on the earth to do this if you haven't done it yet, just consider yourself tagged.

also, i am too lazy to post the just make something up. it'll be fine.


ellie said...

Well done! I love the iPod project. Could never have the patience for that. I wanna hear the favorite sounds.

Kai said...

I concur, the ipod project is quite a feat. WOW!

Glad to see you are still around!!