Monday, March 23, 2009

So You're EnGAYged!!

Recently, I was introduced to a new wedding planning resource for same-sex and allied couples: So You're EnGAYged!. Here is a blurb from the website to help you get more acquainted with them:

So You’re EnGAYged seeks to match same-sex and allied couples with wedding vendors who actively support LGBT rights and freedoms, including, but not limited to, same-sex marriage. By highlighting voices from within the LGBT community, So You’re EnGAYged further works to build a community that can dispense advice, recommendations, and support to couples in the wedding-planning process. As the wedding industry has grown larger and more ubiquitous, we hope to serve as a reference for those who seek vendors whose business practices align with deeply held values.

I, for one, am tremendously excited by this new resource as many of my LGBTQ friends have expressed their frustration that until now, there hasn't been an online community available to them that specifically addresses their needs. As a vendor, I am glad to be listed where I know that will not be filtered or edited to fit guidelines that I don't believe in, and on the other hand I can also trust that my business practices and values will not be exploited.

I am honored to be a listed vendor on the site and have added a link to the site to my sidebar for further reference. Many congratulations to Kelly from Two Brides for the successful start of So You're EnGAYged!


N said...

That's so cool that you are a "So You're Engayged" vendor!

Angel said...

The more support, the better!