Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's been a busy day of housekeeping around website had sadly been neglected while life was busy being hectic. Somwhere during all that time the program I use for my gallery stopped working properly, which wasn't noticeable up front, but was making behind the scenes a nightmare.

As you may know, my talents are creative and not necessarily technologically minded.

But after a lot of gnashing of teeth and a few moments of considering quitting the whole process, I was able to update the sofware and we are back in business.

Take a moment to go check out the new pictures in the galleries on both the LimoncelloINVITES and LimoncelloBABY pages of my website.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Newest invitation suite; The Rachel

Just finished a beautiful invitation suite that I absolutely adore; probably because it appeals to the coastal girl in me :)

Rachel and Chris are getting married in September in Maine and asked me to help them create an invitation that was informal yet still special and that incorporated the rustic and inspiring feel of the coast of Maine.

To accomplish this, we created a graphic from a picture of a lighthouse near where the wedding is being held and then incorporated it into a larger design.

I just love the laid-back, coastal feel of these invites and I truly loved working on them for Rachel and Chris!

Below: the invitation suite as it appears out of the envelope:

The full suite (note to protect the wedding, the date and venue have been edited out):

The two panel invitation:

and matching RSVP card:

Detail on the RSVP card:

Detail on the invitation: