Monday, April 25, 2011

The Unchosen One

One of the many great things about being a licensed Envelopments dealer is that I have access to their pre-made design templates. Normally, this isn't something that I take advantage of - I like to create my own designs. But sometimes it is nice to be able to pull a tree or a flourish if I need one.

Recently, I had a client contact me who described her and her fiancé as fun, spontaneous, quirky and not too serious. They were looking for a save the date for their long, fall weekend wedding that would have an itinerary as well as all sorts of information on everything from how to get there to what to do with your dog. And since their last name was 'Folly'* they wanted to call it "A Fall 'Folly'-age Wedding".

Oh, and she needed it yesterday.

Because of her time constraints, I decided to use an Envelopments design as a jumping off point and stick close to their design work. This saved us both oodles of time.

Here's the original Envelopments design for a weekend itinerary (click to make larger):

And here was my tweaked design to fit her fall 'Folly'-age wedding weekend (click to enlarge):

In the end, she decided not to go with this design as it ended up not being what she and her fiancé wanted; so this isn't a final version of what it could have looked like. But still, it was great to be able to fall back on something that was already created so when my client decided to go in another direction, we hadn't lost much time.

*that's actually not their last name...I always change names...but it is similar enough for you to get the point.