Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Announcement

This is a pretty big announcement and one that I am super excited to share with you all.

LimoncelloSTYLE, LLC is going a little corporate.

Yup, we've partnered with Envelopments®!!

You may know Envelopments as the go-to source for Envelofold/Portable Pocket/Pocketfold Enclosures...but did you know what an extensive collection they have of cardstocks, envelopes and liners?

  • Envelopments offers over 231 colors and 90 different shapes and sizes to choose from in addition to custom shapes, sizes, details, drilling and slitting.

You may know about Evelopments as an inspirational design source...but did you know about their inspirational environmental commitments?

  • Envelopments offers three stocks that are made with 100% post consumer fiber and eleven stocks that are 100% tree free, made from either cotton or bamboo fibers!

  • Envelopments is actively seeking ways to shrink their carbon footprint by offering online statements and invoicing; by striving to work with companies that support sustainable forestry and/or use alternative energy in production; and by retrofitting their existing building to their eco-friendly standards

I am so excited to become a licensed provider of Envelopments products because I believe in their quality and their mission. Keep your eye out for some really fun inspiration to start showing up here.


Envelopments, Envelofolds, Pocket Folds and Portable Pockets are registered trademarks of Envelopments, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally!! The Johanna

I can't believe how long I let this go before taking pictures and getting them posted here. Remember my latest featured custom design, The Johanna? I gave you a glimpse of it here when I showed you the mock-ups.

For your reference, here is what the mock-up of the outside of the invitation looked like with the custom painting by the bride's father:

And here is the final result!

The 5x7 gatefold invitation featured a natural lotka paper band to hold the extra pieces in place on the inside...

...and here is how that turned out:

I loved using the different typesets for this invitation. It elevated the design but still kept it whimsical and fun:

Working on the Johanna was a wonderful experience for me. It was my first experience working with Envelopments cardstocks (sourced through a local dealer) and I was very impressed with the quality and the range of colors and stocks.

I also had the pleasure of working with a fairly flexible budget which was really so liberating!

But most importantly, I worked with a couple who knew what they wanted and who were willing to take some risks to get there. It was a joy to work with Johanna and Kyle and I wish them all the best in their new life together.