Monday, September 10, 2012

Breaking news!!! Did you know you can now purchase Envelopments items a-la-carte directly from my website!!

So you know you want to get involved – super involved – in the design and production of your event stationery; you want to Do It Yourself (DIY). Whether you are just starting out looking for inspiration OR you’ve done your research (you know what you want, you know the look you’re going for and the parts you need to make it all come together); LimoncelloSTYLE, in partnership with Envelopments, has a new option for you.

When you click on the banner above, you’ll be transported to the LimoncelloSTYLE showcase on the which highlights my services and portfolio. But what is really great about the new Envelopments website is that you can search through a massive library of some of the most beautiful pieces you’ll ever see for inspiration if you’re looking for some and/or you can look items up by color, shape or size. Once you have found what you are looking for (whether it be an entire invitation suite or just a pack of envelopes) you can order your materials directly from the site!! This brand new tool is a fantastic way to partner with LimoncelloSTYLE to create a custom design for you, while allowing yourself to remain completely involved and hands-on with the production of your pieces.

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