Wednesday, September 17, 2008

here at martha

after grabbing some breakfast at a local deli, we arrived here around 7:30am to stand in line.

the studio is in chelsea and the line wraps along the side of the building.

this picture is for my friend ellie so she can see that we were across the the street from buybuybaby ;)

one of the most fun things about being here at the show is that i am here with a group of bees from Weddingbee, so i know a lot of the people in the definitely feels special.

once they finally started letting us in we had to check in at a desk and then go through a metal detector while they looked through our bags.

then we all sat in a holding room with a coat check and filled out a form saying they could use our images on tv. joey, the warm up guy came in to the warm-up room to teach us how to clap and told us that there may/may not be a give away during the show...more on that later ;)

bee from weddingbee is across the aisle from me...hey bee!

the whole audience is bloggers!

the camera came over to check out my blog

here i am with jenny from geek in heels

joey the warm up guy asked us how many people read our blogs and bee piped up, 30 million a month! when joey repeated the name 'weddingbee', darcy miller overheard him and insisted she come over and get a picture with bee!!!

then it was time to stop taking pictures and get ready for martha to come out. so far we have seen a segment of different bloggers including darcy miller and the people who run martha's blog. we were given a book and a calendar...not sure if that is the 'big giveaway' that joey is talking about but i am holding out for a digital camera ;)
ok...i will put this up now so that i can write more in a bit.
hope you all are having a lovely day!


ah, and Darcy Miller just gave Bee her card. Seriously...she's FAMOUS PEOPLE!!!!


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Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you again! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can make it back to NY in November for my potluck!

Charlene aka Emerald said...

AGHHH WHAT an awesome experience!! And I love that Darcy gave Bee her card!!! In awe...