Monday, January 28, 2008

it was a good party

our first annual meet-the-neighbors party was last night and it went very well. we had about 12 adults and 6 kids show up. the biggest mishap (other than blowing out my knee while kneeling to get some candles from a cabinet) was that i mistakenly thought the party was at 7 and we realized at 5:56 that it was at 6.

oops. : ^ )

unfortunately, when we realized the time issue, i had just started the cheese fondue and in my haste i ended up with a huge glop of expensive-cheese-in-a-pot instead of yummy, tangy fondue. fortunately, we had enough of everything else to keep everyone satisfied.

i only took one picture of the whole event since i was running around like a crazed person for the first 20 minutes. sadly, i apparently didn't even have enough time to set it up properly, so my shutter was too slow for my handshake, but you can get the general idea.

teriyaki sesame chicken skewers, bread (for the cheese fondue) spinach dip, crudite, pound cake bites, vanilla creme puffs, chocolate fondue, fruit bowl and chocolate biscotti

it was great getting to meet some new faces and get to know the familiar ones a bit better. we will definitely be doing this again.


Christina said...

Sounds like fun--what recipe did you use for thre creampuffs? I've tried a few but don't have a favorite.

Angel said...

Oh, that's so cool...the skewers look delicious. Congrats on the great turnout!

limoncelloSTYLE said...

ahhh...the creampuff recipe:

step one: look at instructions for making creampuffs and

step two: run to nearest costco to purchase said creampuffs.

i know. i am ashamed.

they aren't even that great...but i'll tell ya what...dipped in chocolate fondue, those costco creampuffs kick some serious booty!

Kara said...

Very cool! Congrats on the party. Looks like the cat didn't end up trying to hide in the fondue. ;-) Hopefully you didn't tear an ACL?