Wednesday, January 9, 2008

meeting the neighbors

dear husband (DH) and i have lived in our blue house on the hill for a little over a year now and we only have ever spoken to three of our neighbors.

DH's parents host a holiday party every year for their neighbors in pittsburgh so it was suggested that we try to do the same.

considering the little time we had during the holiday season (what with all of our travel and jumping out of planes and all), we decided to host in january...with the hopes that maybe more people would feel inclinded to stop by.

you won't be surprised to know that i created the invites when we were all buried under 15 inches of snow. even though the snow is currently all gone, i still think it is relevant.

i hand delivered each invite and although i haven't heard back from anyone i am hoping that at least the three neighbors we know will show up :)


Geggie said...

Super cute invite.

We don't have nearly enough contact with our neighbers...I mean the collective we of the's a shame. I'm bad becuase I travel so much for work. In a building of 40 lofts, I only know one person. I suck.

m. said...

What a great idea, we my copy it. :) Just a word from the bloggy wise, you may want to blur the more pertinent info (like your addy) so unexpected weirdos don't show up.

Angel said...

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't got around to it. I just found out our next-door neighbor is moving, so a "welcome" get together might be in order.

mzb said...

no worries, m, the address is my business if people show up all they will see is my office ;)

angel - i think it would be amazing to hold a welcome get together for someone who is leaving!! if you did it, would you let them in on the secret or just let them wonder what you were thinking?